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This is our story.

On behalf of everyone here at The Point, welcome! We are delighted to have as part of our family sharing in our lives as we do yours. We would hope that your time here is not just spent in simply drinking coffee,  but also as a fun experience that you can share with your friends and family.

We believe that providing great service is a worthwhile and honorable profession! Here at The Point, we know that there is nothing we offer that can’t be found elsewhere in the Sterling area—what sets us apart will be our service and commitment to our customers and our focus on missions locally and around the world.

“...enhancing life and adding value to an event that would otherwise be only a transaction.” -James Hellman, Kinds of Power

Our Mission at Broadway Market and all of The Point locations is: To Share the love of Christ around the world one cup of coffee at a time. #PurchaseWithAPurpose

This is accomplished by funneling all our profits into missions locally and around the world.  Using our resources and purchasing power to help support local community and other missions with where we buy our products and materials from. We strive to offer a welcoming environment where people will meet and friends will gather for fellowship and community. We believe that our commitment to others will make this a space for people to come together and bring other people who may not be familiar with Christ to a comfortable place. This allows us opportunity to share the love of Christ with conversation, prayer or even just a cup of coffee served with a smile.

Everything stated above is a value that we instill into every one of our employees when they become part of our team. We extend that out to you, our customers and family. Every time you choose to bring your business here, that is one more child that has the chance to be pulled out of their awful circumstance.

The Point started as a way for our church to reach places outside of our own backdoor and our mission is to set others on fire to help missions. We are all called by the Bible to help widows and orphans, so that is where we set our sights to help and send support. The fact is that there are so many children out in the world left unprotected with so many ways to exploit them. Wanting to do our part to help those who cannot help themselves, we came across an organization called Love Justice International. The simplicity of using the hospitality of our community and providing a quality product that people love allows us to help children all around the world from a life of servitude.